BA (Hons) Business Studies, University of South Wales

image This course provides a structured and extensive academic grounding in the modern business world and equips students with the practical skills to stand out in a competitive job market.

The course covers key business functions, including marketing, human resource management (HRM), accounting and economics, data-driven decision making, creativity and innovation, leading and managing change.

The complementary blend of knowledge, skills and abilities gained will enable graduates to add value to organisations across all business sectors and perform confidently in an increasingly globalised and digitised business environment.

Learning Outcomes
The course is designed to integrate a deep understanding of the subject matter with the development of key skills and competencies needed to adapt to a rapidly changing, dynamic and competitive global marketplace. Upon completion, students will be able to:

► Communicate effectively through a variety of media to facilitate organisational and business goals.
► Use analytics to make judgments and decisions and deploy problemsolving in dynamic and changing environments.
► Analyse market and organisational conditions to identify and deploy tactics, operations and strategies to drive success.
► Establish personal and organisational values, ethics, behaviours and patterns of actions that engender trust, respect and collaboration.
► Demonstrate the ability to foster constructive professional and personal relationships to achieve organisational goals.
► Solve market- and organisation-based problems through creativity and innovation.

Course Subjects
Students will be exposed to a number of critical areas over 3 semesters and are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments.

Year 1:
► Accounting & Business Environment
► Microeconomics
► Organisational Behaviour
► Marketing Management
► Basic Business Statistics (Elective)
► Management (Elective)
► Ethnic Studies (MPU)

Year 2:
► Financial Management
► Human Resource Management
► Strategic Management
► Operations Management
► Business Communication (Elective)
► Management Information System (Elective)
► Community Service (MPU)
► Critical Thinking Skills (MPU)
► Ethics of Communication (MPU)

Year 3:
► As required by the respective partner universities

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