BSc (Hons) Business & Management with Law, Aberystwyth University

image The study of business and management offers a structured introduction into the world of enterprise that exposes students to crucial insights on the legal elements that impacts both the theoretical and practical dimensions of commerce and management.

Students will gain detailed knowledge of the various functional areas of a business, a broad appreciation of the complex environment in which businesses operate, and a solid understanding of the relationship of management theories and practice to them while developing a range of crucial skills that makes this programme a great springboard for those wishing to become successful business professionals.

Learning Outcomes
The course is designed to integrate a deep understanding of the subject matter with the development of key skills and competencies needed to adapt to a rapidly changing, dynamic, and competitive global marketplace. Upon completion, students will be able to:
▪ Demonstrate a broad understanding of management in practice and its relevance to business, trade and commerce in both the public and private sector.
▪ Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of complex modern business concepts, functions and procedures as well as contemporary issues and challenges.
▪ Apply themselves to the intricacies of management challenges and the combined impact of economic, financial, human and legal issues that managers deal with on a daily basis.
▪ Understand and identify the laws that impact the business world such as Company Law, Law of Contract, Commercial Law and other relevant legislation and case laws.
▪ Evaluate the impact of changes in the business environment in terms of economic events, accounting practices, the regulatory and legal environment, marketing decisions and the development of business strategies.

Course Subjects
Students will be exposed to a number of critical areas over 3 semesters and are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments.

Year 1:
▪ Introduction to Management
▪ Managing Finance
▪ Business Environment
▪ Marketing Principles
▪ The Law of Obligations
▪ Legal Systems
▪ Law in Action

Year 2:
▪ Firms, Markets and Pricing
▪ Marketing Management
▪ Organisational Behaviour
▪ Business Law
▪ Corporate Governance
▪ Company Law
▪ Operations and Innovation Management

Year 3:
► Human Resource Management
► Business Strategy
► Strategic Marketing
► Law of Contract
► Business Leadership and Corporate Responsibility
► Labour Law

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