BA (Hons) Business and Accounting, University of South Wales

image This multi-disciplinary and globally-focused course enhances students all-round knowledge of business while developing essential technical knowledge, skills and expertise through practical, real-life application of accounting and business concepts, underpinned by academic theory.

This practical and relevant course develops confident, knowledgeable and forward-thinking graduates ready for the widest range of careers. From global business and business strategy to accounting and auditing systems, the Business and Accounting course has been designed to refine students’ business knowledge while developing a set of specialist skills in the accounting field.

Learning Outcomes
Whether pursuing a career in accountancy, financial services, banking, taxation, insurance or the public sector, this course will help students develop core management skills and specialist knowledge in accounting and finance to excel in business-related and management positions. This course allows students to:

► Develop a comprehensive grounding and competence in the core areas of accounting and finance, particularly in the fields of accounting, taxation, corporate finance, investments, banking, international finance, risk and its management.
► Stimulate an enquiring, analytical and creative mind to approach accounting and financial issues and encourage independent judgment and critical self-awareness.
► Develop the capacity to analyse complex, unstructured problems and present reasoned evidence-based conclusions.
► Cultivate the ability to organise and plan work both autonomously and as part of a team and communicate both quantitative and qualitative information effectively.

Course Subjects
Students will be exposed to a number of critical areas over 3 semesters and are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments.

Year 1:
► Accounting & Business Environment
► Microeconomics
► Organisational Behaviour
► Marketing Management
► Basic Business Statistics (Elective)
► Management (Elective)
► Ethnic Studies (MPU)

Year 2:
► Financial Management
► Human Resource Management
► Strategic Management
► Operations Management
► Business Communication (Elective)
► Management Information System (Elective)
► Community Service (MPU)
► Critical Thinking Skills (MPU)
► Ethics of Communication (MPU)

Year 3:
► As required by the respective partner universities

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