BA (Hons) Business and HR Management, University of South Wales

image The study of business offers structured insight into theoretical and practical dimensions of the core functional areas of a business.

Students will learn to appreciate the complex environment in which businesses operate, and nurture a firm understanding of the relationship between management theories and practices.

Alongside a specialised focus on human resource management (HRM), students will be given deep insights into leading, managing and developing people from different levels and perspectives while also developing a range of skills crucial for career advancement in a global business environment.

Learning Outcomes
The course is designed to integrate a deep understanding of the subject matter with the development of key skills and competencies needed, allowing students to adapt to a rapidly changing, dynamic and competitive global marketplace. Upon completion, students will be able to: :

► Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of complex modern business concepts, functions and procedures as well as contemporary issues and challenges.
► Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make effective and ethical business decisions.
► Align HR systems with the strategic business objectives of the organisation.
► Demonstrate competence in communicating and exchanging ideas in a group context.
► Analyse the key issues related to administering the human elements which include motivation, compensation, appraisals, career planning, diversity, ethics and training.

Course Subjects
Students will be exposed to a number of critical areas over 3 semesters and are assessed through a combination of written examinations and assignments.

Year 1:
► Accounting & Business Environment
► Microeconomics
► Organisational Behaviour
► Marketing Management
► Basic Business Statistics (Elective)
► Management (Elective)
► Ethnic Studies (MPU)

Year 2:
► Financial Management
► Human Resource Management
► Strategic Management
► Operations Management
► Business Communication (Elective)
► Management Information System (Elective)
► Community Service (MPU)
► Critical Thinking Skills (MPU)
► Ethics of Communication (MPU)

Year 3:
► As required by the respective partner universities

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