Fast Track MBA Programme

Business executive, Managers and any aspiring business student who do not meet the academic requirements to pursue an MBA can opt for our Foundation + MBA Programme (BBA+MBA).

Bachelor in Business Administration B.B.A + MBA (Business Administration), Asia Metropolitan University
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The Foundation in Business Studies is a comprehensive pre-university level programmed aimed at providing students with the knowledge required to pursue their career in Business Studies/Business Administration.

Designed to offer a course, which is relevant and focused strictly in the field of Business Studies/BusinessAdministration. Thereby, the students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills requiring admission into degree programs in Business Studies/Business Administration courses to connect with MBA program within a short period.

Prescribed number of units in the area of:
► English(6units)
► Natural Science (6 units)
► Math (6 units)
► Humanities (6 units)
► Social Science (6 units)
► Written & Oral Communication (3 units)

student must complete a minimum of 30 of the 120 credit units of the foundation degree whilst enrolled in the institution.

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